Funeral Ceremonies

Jonathan can help you to commemorate your loved ones in the just way you want. He will bring a personal approach that will allow the deceased person’s beliefs and life to shine through.

Why have Jonathan for a funeral ceremony?

• Jonathan can work alongside you to write a ceremony that will celebrate the life of your loved ones.
• There is no requirement to include any religious element, you can include none, a little or a lot, it is down to you and your beliefs.
• Jonathan is able to present a ceremony that will connect and commemorate your loved one through the lens of a life that was well lived, celebrating their life.
• Jonathan will ensure that the ceremony captures what it means to be human—to love, to help, and to give meaning to other people’s lives, among others.
• Although standard funeral services are often associated with sadness, Jonathan is able to transform such sorrow into something that establishes a more sincere emotional connection.
• Jonathan will work closely with you and your family to plan a funeral that can often bring forth happy memories and stories otherwise forgotten, and facilitates a much more enriching way of dealing with loss.


Jonathan will visit you at your convenience to find out all about the departed. He will draft a ceremony and correspond with you to ensure it is the service you really want.

If you would like Jonathan to work with you on a funeral please inform your funeral director and ask them to get in contact with Jonathan.

Jonathan is also able to work with you to organise, write and lead memorial services after the date of a funeral.

Please contact Jonathan for more details.