Jonathan can provide a ceremony for couples of any gender that follows the legal marriage or partnership formalities, either the same day or some time afterwards. You can share your love for each other with your family and friends, in the ceremony that you really want.

These ceremonies don’t replace your legal formalities, but are designed to be a perfect solution to many dilemmas.

Why have a Wedding or Partnership Celebration Ceremony?

• Maybe you want your ceremony in a private house or garden
• You want the ceremony outside, maybe in a marquee
• You want to get married abroad but also want to share your wedding celebration with friends and family when you return
• You want your ceremony in a particular venue that isn’t licensed for marriages or civil partnership
• You want religious or cultural traditions, which aren’t allowed at a Register Office or in a religious ceremony
• You want to include spiritual, religious or symbolic elements with special meaning to you
• You want your evening guests to be able to attend a ceremony as well.
• You want to invite more guests than can be accommodated in a register office.

Jonathan will work alongside you to design and present a ceremony that is unique to you, conducted in front of all your family and friends, in any location that you choose.

Civil celebrants, like Jonathan, are currently unable to perform legal marriages in the United Kingdom.
In order to be married legally you must attend a UK registry office in, with 2 witnesses, where a small legal marriage can be conducted for £46.This can happen anytime before your personalised unique ceremony which Jonathan will design and present for you.